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Dear All - especially collectors of Lee-Enfields - today I have some sad news regarding Alan Abramson of Corbett, Oregon.

In recent contact with his son, Gunnar, he told me that his dad had passed away on February 26th - his seventy-fourth birthday actually - after a five-month battle with advanced stage 4 lung cancer.

His obit:

I was privileged to meet both father and son a few years back, on a very rainy day, and spent an all-too-short afternoon talking about guns - what else?

Ah yes, becoming friends.

It's trite to say that he'll be missed - of course he will, by all who knew him and benefited from his light.

This last year or so I've parted from a number of good people, always thinking that I'd see them again. When it doesn't happen, it isn't selfish to feel somehow short-changed or cheated - it's entirely natural. It shows that we cared about them, right?

Now that can't be bad.

Alan Abramson, Bless.

tac & Mrs tac
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