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AK47 Magazine question?

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Can anyone remind what AK mags were going for during the ban? I have a chance to buy a whole bunch of AK mags. Can probably get them locally for the same price that J&G is selling theirs for.....8.95$ a mag. I really don't need anymore as I have quite a few, but figure the price on these can only go up from here. They are all steel military surplus, maybe some older ones that came in with Norincos as well. Thanks, Chris...
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Prices have ranged from $5 to $15 for standard used 30rd steel AK47 magazines.

$9 per mag is a good price. Now is a good time to stock up and buy what you can afford.
Happy Holidays

At one point BAWB I bought 40 of them for 1.69 ea.( they were even cheaper if you bought 100 or more-try a buck twenny nine).I've gotten used ones a lot cheaper than that through trades and gifting.It was a good thing that I have acquired so many over the years as I have a lot more AKs.I love them.AK mags make great gifts for chums that have an AK and almost no mags.Never too many.
Be joyful as we head into the Holiday season and get the stuff that keeps you shooting.If you have enough ;get something for that buddy or pal that can't afford it and cheer him/her up with a stocking stuffed with mags and ammo or help a friend in need so they won't sell their weapons for food. Don't let Obamawama and Biddy stop the love or compassion of the Holiday Spirit.
Don't be fearful or apprehensive about the gun control crowd-they are more afraid of us.:)
In the Dallas area I saw new/like new selling for $20.00 during the ban on a pretty regular basis. Of course there were gougers who tried to get more than that, but you could buy all you wanted for $20.00 with out looking hard. Before the current feeding frenzy it was nothing for a used, but not abused mag to sell for $5.00.
In my opinion, good mags for $9.00 are a reasonably good investment. My retirement fund has lost over 20% since the beginning of '08, however my firearm related investments have at least held their own. If you are like a lot of us, you are probably thinking things will only get more restrictive, so prices will go up. I certainly would not bet against that outcome.
I bought AK steel mags anywhere from 5-10 dollars locally at the gun shows, far cry what I see them priced at now, 20-25+ bucks.
IIRC, AK47 30 round mags were fairly steady sellers at gunshows for about $15.00 each during the early years of the late and unlamented ban.IMHO,Mr44 is right. They can only go up in value and down in availablity given what is almost surely coming.
i fondally remember just before the 94 ban a guy at a show had a norinco rifle case full of new in cosmo 3 bucks...
in CA they were $3-8 in 95-97.

in 94 they were sky high because at the time nobody realized the text of the bill, magazines made AFTER 94, could not be imported. Once they figured that out, they came in by the shipload.
DURING the ban they went for 15-20 bucks around here as there were so damned many of them imported-but it was still a big increase from 5-6 bucks prior to that.I'm going to a gun show Saturday for the hell of it just to see what the panic prices are.Glad I started hanging out on these forums a few years ago-got everything I needed for the long haul.I can envision AK mags going for 30 bucks down the road.But 3 or 4 mags can hold up a very long time.
Here in NY with the permanent state copy of the 1994 AWB, thirty-round steel military AK mags run about $20. Generally, eighty cents to a dollar a round of capacity is about max value unless it's something rare like a slabside.
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