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aim has mosins for sale... what should i get for my third mosin?

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the have laminate and hex mosins in stock now and i am going to get a regular mosin to go with my m44 and sniper. which would be the better buy? they are both 99.00.
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In 1967 you could buy a very nice Persian Mauser carbine for $40-60 dollars, today you can drop $400 bucks one without batting an eye. If the current president gets a second term, he will ban Mosins and everything else imported in the firearms world with a simple executive order. He will ban ammunition as well if he has a chance. no one ever reversed any executive order ban from Reagan(1986 stopped new civilian production full auto), Bush 1st(1989 sporting purpose ban), Clinton(stopped non-sporting rifles), Obama(stopped M1Garands and M1 carbines from Korea) and is extending sporting purpose to shotguns. Recently had ATF declare, 3-gun and USPSA, IDPA and IPSC are not sports, they are "combat training". Nevermind the Olympics. Most "kits" can no longer include the barrel and anything AK like has to have less than seven imported parts.

Ten years ago I bought an "Irish contract" SMLE for $150 bucks, still in grease with a matching bayonet, try that today. Ten years from now there could be no imported Mosins or anything else and you could miss out on the $99 deal of a lifetime. For about $1000.00 dollars you can buy a very nice representitive selection of Mosins and a case or two of ammunition and enjoy them for decades. Very few other hobbies can be as cheap and enjoyable.
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