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Not much of a crowd today, attendance seemed way off for what is usually the best show of the year for AGCA. Might have been football, or perhaps Knob Creek kept attendance down.

My fun money has been hit hard in the last month (that's a good thing) and I could have easily ran out of money today. What I left behind:

$75 M91 (didn't leave it, it got bought while I made a car run :( )
Finn made (not capture) M91/30 - $165 (ditto)
at least 10 Swede M96s and M38s from $250 up
4 CZ-52s, each was $150 and was complete--2 mags, holster, rod, lanyard Venny ($749?) and Egyptian ($4xx-can't recall) FN49s
Ljungman, er, Svede ag42b for $875
Hakim ($4??)
Imbel/Century L1A1 Sporter with 4 mags for $650
3 M91 Mosins but missing handguards and upper bands (can't recall price--$85 each maybe?)
3 M39s for $225 ea., a B barrel, a Sako and a VKT
about 12 M91/30s, half Finn captuers, all priced $85-$115 or so each
Faz #4 Mk II for $225
Savage #4 marked $225
another Swede, a 1917 M96 for $175 missing the cleaning rod
Sino-Soviet SKS for $195, all matching
another Ljungman for $600, might have been $650
M1909 Argentine about mint with bayo $699
Maltby #4 Mk I $185? already sold

Most, but not all, of these were on the tables of 3 friendly guys who I'm pretty sure are members here, Doug, Danny & Stan. Nice guys, may not have much left tomorrow as it was flying off their tables today. Most of their wares were priced to move, and folks were buying.

I came away with a very nice Argie M91 w/bayonet (from Danny), a Romanian M44 and a Faz #4 Mk I. Could easily have spent every penny I had at the 3 Amigos table but was exercising some self-disclipine for a change. Good show!


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In the Pacific NW, that would have been a very good show. I seem to always be just behind Mike O at the Monroe Shows.
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