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aftermarket stocks for mosin

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Since we plan on giving our new gun some real use, we'd like to preserve the original stock. We thought having an aftermarket that could take more abuse, might be a good idea for everyday. I've seen the ATI ones, does any know of any others?

I also noticed that Boyd's carries something, but it doesn't designate which model it's for. We've had a rough time contacting them before, so asking them might not be possible.

Thanks everyone!
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chop it up like this!!!! It would be cool!!!!dude
We don't want to chop anything up. We don't even want to effect the integrity of the gun itself. We simply want something to use for everyday shooting so we won't put further wear and possible damage to original stock.

It's not a matter of ruining it's history.....rather preserving it by protecting the original stock. We didn't buy the gun for collecting, but because the great price gave us the opportunity to own another fun piece to enjoy. There's nothing wrong with collecting to collect, it's just not the reason for our purchase.

However, we respect that it's a part of history and don't wish to alter anything that is original to it. The only thing we'll be doing to it's original parts are cleaning them up and working on the stock finish to limit flaking and replace a good protective coating to the wood.

I would, however, appreciate any helpful responses to my question.
Thanks, we're in no rush, so I will definitely look into them! I'm not a huge fan of Boyd's because of a previous purchase I've made through them. And, I would much rather have a wood stock than a synthetic one like the ATI.
It was a thought that crossed our minds, but the stock we have feels fragile. It's not broken or damaged in any way, but doesn't feel like it will hold up to regular use and abuse from the range, as it's a bit wiggly. I would rather not chance my money on another stock of the same age, and at the same time, I wouldn't want to ruin that stock either. I don't think there's necessarily anything particularly special about the stock that is on our gun. I don't believe it is even the original stock to the gun as it has markings suggesting that it is not. But, seeing that wood is more delicate than metal, I doubt that we can do much to harm the metal parts of the gun. That's why we'd like to find a different stock that wouldn't have the historic "value" behind it. This way, we can clean up the old stock and keep it stored with the gun's other original parts should we ever chose to sell the gun, or pass it down to our children.
The wood itself is fine, but the fit to the barrel and the rest of the gun just feels like it's not as snug as it should be. But regardless of the fit, and whether we can fix it, we don't want to take it out as an everyday stock. Over time it will get dinged and worn more than it already is. While we're not abusive to our guns, I don't want to feel like I have to treat this gun with kid gloves either. We go out shooting with our kids (and I doubt they'll be physically shooting this one for a few years due to their age vs. the gun's power). There are times a gun gets bumped against something because our focus is more on our children for safety purposes. I'm not trying to be difficult, we just simply feel more comfortable with using an aftermarket stock that we don't have to worry about as much.

We've ordered from Boyd's before (and they currently have my stock as I'm waiting for the replacement to the one they damaged in packing). We have had significant difficulties getting ahold of them during working hours and therefore haven't been pleased. We're forced to now start the process all over again on Monday as I have yet to receive anything back.....ugh. So, we truly don't want to go that route.

I do like the looks of the ones from Richard's. We'll be calling them on Monday with some questions, for sure.
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