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aftermarket stocks for mosin

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Since we plan on giving our new gun some real use, we'd like to preserve the original stock. We thought having an aftermarket that could take more abuse, might be a good idea for everyday. I've seen the ATI ones, does any know of any others?

I also noticed that Boyd's carries something, but it doesn't designate which model it's for. We've had a rough time contacting them before, so asking them might not be possible.

Thanks everyone!
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snug it up

Atomic Shooter -
It's not at all unusual to find these old refurbed rifles with loose or sloppily fit actions. I routinely use "high quality" business card stock, or automotive gasket material, to cut shims as needed to "bed" the action in the stocks of my Mosin's. It works really great, is not a permanent alteration, and can be readily "tuned" by adding/removing shims if needed.
I spent time at our club range this morning with a recently acquired "BIG-5 sale" '38 Tula 91/30 in laminated stock: action was very loose and sloppily fit into stock. After doing a "cardboard" shim and action re-fit the ol' girl turned out to be a really excellent shooter! I think you'll find that the original wood stock works really well if correctly setup. You can find lots of information concerning this over on the Sniper Forum.
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