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bcd/ar/bnz 8x57
dot 45 .308
dot44/ce44 Ackley sporter.
svt-40 sniper.
good day for adverse weather testing. a northwest coast half-light steel gray poring rain,windy, chilly. had the range all to myself.....groups widened out a inch or so. ill put it on my sore ass shoulder. see the last bcd/ar volley of two clips, double the size of the earlier ones.....
dot45 .308
OK day, but see the pics. this one is nothing but trouble. after market stock just split one day. crrrrrraaaaaaaaaakkkk. hell i got it cheep. then the damn 'military contour' aftermarket (free) barrel isnt quite 'military length contour'(see the barrel step all the way into the bayo lug) LOL. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. bore is new. bolt and workings headspaced on barrel replacement. nice crisp izzy bolt. ill be there. just need that 0.5 off the bayo lug.
still with radway green it shoots ok. as soon as i get that nasty preload off the bayo lug....
bcd/ar. nice rifle. shoots. no major shifting on the wood to metal fit. trigger is a 'as new' Yugo? military two stage. i thought about getting a timney but i only go there with scoped rifles. that two stage if new and crisp, with a new or polished bearing surfaces on trigger and recever, is great for iron sight field work. a good crisp 99% wartime German (trigger front sight non) my 'stump jumper' mauser. im going to 220s on the ackley, so i may try some in this rifle.
dot 44/ce44. did ok. those 220's sure maul my tender shoulder. ROCKS the gong. both my ackleys like the 220 and 4064,
why ask why...
svt-40 tried three different cartridges. did ok. ill get that info on the sniper forum this weekend....shot the Barnaul low and the prvi partizan high.
notes: got lucky. remember when you have tall after market or 'Spanish' type sights you gotta up the damn rear sight!!!
almost did the idiots walk today. just missed the stand!!(pics) really it was so windy, it blew the target down twice. had to pound a 308 into the stand to get it to stay.
but folks.. this is when the 'big dog' comes out of that thicket. after you been humping for two or three in the shit. yep.
just dark and chilly.. had to use the 'brighten' deal on the puter.
alright you 'sunny jim's' now.. im hearing your little puny storm back east is over so get your butts out there and warm up a 'maus!!


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Always good to hear a range report from you solman, cant say I allways understand the whole thing:), but always enjoyable! I got out the last three weeks in a row! I posted pics already of the k 98's ( that ax is HOT if I do my part). Did well with the Garand, M1 carbine and the M4. I always seem to get one flyer with the Garand, 7 shots the size of a clenched fist and one 4-6 inches low. Likely me.
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