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RCBS Case Trimmer Power Adapter
Made by DACaM proudly in the USA (Rochester, MA)

The DACaM Case Trimmer Power Adapter for the RCBS Pro and their other Case Trimmers is the perfect accessory for reloaders
who are tired of hand cranking their trimmer to trim cases.
This adapter is easy to attach, looks great like it's always been a part of your trimmer from the factory. This adapter greatly
speeds up the case trimming process to over 400 cases trimmed per hour. No more banged knuckles or tired and sore arms cranking away!

Allows reloaders to attach any battery powered screwdriver or any electric drill to drive the RCBS or M2 case trimmer.
Pictures show it both attached to an RCBS trimmer axle and by itself. Please note the trimmer axle
is not included. Every piece is hand fitted to a RCBS trimmer shaft to ensure a perfect fit.

You are buying the power adapter only as shown in the first picture, not the RCBS axle shaft too ;-)
All adapters have are gun blued and sealed for extra long life (some of the bluing gets on the threads too, that's old not dirty grease on the threads in the pictures).

I just started making these for fellow reloaders and they've been *very* well received. Even better than the factory adapters I'm
being told :) I've been making these adapters for folks for a while now and everyone absolutely loves them.
They look great attached too, just like they're meant to be there :)

(Hornady Lock and Load trimmer adapter coming very soon! Send IM or email if you're interested. )
(Forster trimmer adapter coming very soon too! Send IM or email if you're interested)

PayPal Gift or +3% or USPS money order for payment please: $10 + $2.50 for First class shipping (priority mail or international shipping available as added expense, IM me)

I have many of these made and are available right now if you would like more than one, I can ship up to 4 for $2.50, more than 4 will require $1 extra shipping.

Post here that you'll take one, IM me and/or email me if you'd like one please, you'll be happy with it.

thank you everyone!
Mike B
[email protected]


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have a bunch of the adapters made and ready to ship out!

no more sore arm from cranking the trimmer with one of these! :)

Hornady and Forster also available.... will post that ad and pics tonight....
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