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There is no Department of Prisons in India.It was and is still referred to as the Jail Department.The 'Department of Prisons and Correctional services' is a modern nomenclature and it mainly deals with the implementation of the Borstal Act that deals with young offenders.Law and order is a state subject and the Jails are managed by each state individually.

The guards in prisons are armed with hand me downs from the state police forces.They were armed with .410 musket's almost exclusively till the 1980's.These still remain in service along with .303 Lee Enfield's.Prison guards were never issued with tear gas grenade launchers of any kind.

The Martini Henry rifle with a discharge cup for taking on armor is also a first for me.

Sorry if I have ruffled any feathers by inadvertently saying something that may be contrary to 'established' facts acknowledged by experts.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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