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a start to cartridge collecting

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New here. Haven't thought about cartridge collecting. but a friend gave me a box of old cartridges. I don't know if they are collectable. What is the best way to clean them, or should they be cleaned. They are:
peters 38-40
wra co 38 wcf
rem-umc 38 s&w
wra 38 ca
wra co 32 wcf
us 32 s&w looks to be a blank
umc 44-40
wra co 44 wc
wra co 41 lda
umc 41 lc
rem umc 38 s&w
wra co 38 ca
wra co 32 wcf
umc22 cf
wra co 25-35 wcf
Thanks Randy
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I just give my new rounds a quick wipe with a slightly oily rag. Clean off dirt, but leave patina and any color markings.
DO NOT polish and laquer them.
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