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Great Posting!!! Thanks zachary78 for sharing!!
Hunters for the Hungry website in Texas: :D

By Lana Robinson
Field Editor
"Make hunger your target!" is the appeal to sportsman as the 2004 deer season approaches. Operated by the Texas Association of Community Action Agencies (TACAA), the Hunters for the Hungry program is a benevolent option for people who have more meat than they want or need. It allows hunters to donate unwanted wild game to participating meat processors and pay a tax-deductible, reduced fee to have the meat processed. The venison is ground and packaged in two-pound packs which are kept frozen until the meat is picked up or delivered to a local food food bank or assistance provider.
"If they're not going to utilize the meat, if they're going to harvest it for conservation purposes, there is still a way they utilize the meat that they've taken," said Terry Erwin, hunter education coordinator for Texas Parks and Wildlife. "Oftentimes hunters will harvest more than they actually need and they don't want to waste it, so if they don't give it away to friends they take it and give it to Hunters for the Hungry."
Since 1991, Hunters for the Hungry has distributed more than 921,129 pounds of venison to feed hungry Texans.
"Once you tag your animal legally and take it into a processing plant, you're expected to pay for that processing and they put it all together and they take it to the food pantry," said Erwin.
The processing fee is typically $20. However, some participating processors may charge more at their discretion. According to Erwin, this fee is used to cover the basic cost of processing only. "There is typically little or no profit for the processors since their time and expertise are donated to help support the program," he said.
The Hunters for the Hungry will not only accept venison donations, but other wild game on a case by case basis.
TACAA is looking for additional funding and encourages donations to help offset processing costs. The goal is to develop a substantial funding pool from which participating processors can be reimbursed and to eventually eliminate the need for hunters to make any payment when donating wild game to the program. To that end, Hunters for the Hungry offers a variety of gifts, including embroidered patches, window decals and bumper stickers with the Hunters for the Hungry logo on them, in appreciation of monetary gifts (For more information, call 800/992-9767, ext. 506 or email e-mail: [email protected]).
Hunters for the Hungry is the result of the cooperative effort of state agencies, private groups, and individuals who are concerned about the hunger problem in Texas. TACAA receives Community Food and Nutrition Program funding from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs to operate the Hunters for the Hungry program.
The agency maintains a database of people making inquiries about the program and mails updated meat processor information to them each year.
Currently there are over 100 participating processors, but more are needed in many parts of the state. For a list of participating processing plants, visit the Hunters for the Hungry website: Processors interested in donating services may contact TACAA at [email protected], or call the TACAA hotline toll free at: 800/992-9767, ext. 506.
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