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Hey all

well the forum looks all fancy and what not!

Well I know I have been lacking in my attendance and I do apologise, but I have been busy! Me and my weee No1* have been having a great old time, even learnt, ( or still in the midst of learning) how to reload, WELL...... FUN! My god I don’t think the old girl has seen so much use in a looong time.

Ive managed to get her to cloverleaf at 50 meters and then paddock at 100 meters, but what a lot of fun. Still working on loads but all in all what a great load of fun, and the guys down at the local hand loaders association are great blokes and very tolerant.

Even started to collect a bit military .303 ammo and have started to get a nice weeeee collection, any pointers on a good website???

I have paid for Mr Skennertons book and await its arrival patently, so that should be a great read and a half.

Well I have to get rid of some more workplace assignments and then I can go to the range and take the girl for a walk :)

Well catch you all later


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