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The E/37 (seen on the mismatched s/n 84 bolt release) pegs to Sauer - so it's all starting to spell "Mixmaster". Still like the looks of it.
To my eye, it lacks all of the classic Balkan rework footprints & is looking simply like a stateside parts rifle: for starters, the stock is too pristine (but is lightly sanded, some of the stock pics do make it look like shellac may be present, & others don't - but def none of them show hand-carved graffiti, or peened markings), & very much of the original bluing on the iron is intact from stem to stern.
Sling is a common/current asian repop, & the front sight hood may be repop as well - just by noting its darker color.
Doubt if the cure date will help w/ a production date much, but some of the other fine gents whom haunt this great site may have input re duration of blank cure .... at minimum, we could safely figure several months.
However, I will offer & state this butt's date lettering is applied at 90* off from normal - & is only the 2nd such example that I've ever seen like this.

Bottom line is that you have an honest, very interesting keeper here. The flaws are minimal, & the best part is that Bubba has left his grubby mitts off'n it. In my book, this specimen beats the heck outta some RC - so live with it, mate.

p.s: just for the helluvitt, please advise - what's the WaA upon the s/n 2777 floorplate?
The stock had a polyurethane coat on the stock when I received it. I stripped that chemically and did nothing to the stock besides apply an oil finish, so that may explain the very clean looking stock. No clue how much the previous owner sanded it down. I did purchase the reproduction sling and sight hood back in 2013. At the time when I bought it, I had assumed it to be a Russian capture given the almost red hue of the original finish. It was priced inline with a Russian capture that Wideners was selling at the time, so I snatched it up. It was my very first Mauser rifle. I recall buying it shortly before starting my Junior year in college.

I'll try to pull it back out of the safe at a later date and see what the WaA mark says. If memory serves me correctly, I don't think there was a mark on the exterior... but memory may not be serving me well right now.
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