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A little collection I got recently. +a Flag

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I picked up this little collection recently. Supposedly it comes from the same guy. It consists of a yosegaki, three whistles, a pair of eye glasses, some string tied up rather fancy-like, a leather strap and buckle of some sort, and a 'duty bag'. It also came with a fire brigade flag (not associated with the other bits of stuff, it was just included in the auction).

Anything interesting you guys can tell me about this stuff?
Any idea on what the guys name was, anything interesting on the flag, what the fire flag says, and what that leather strap is? The strap almost looks like a mosin nagant dog collar.

The flag. After doing some thinking I'm wondering if this isn't a fake. BTW the group came out of Japan so the writing may not be a clue.

The name...I think


Other items

Fire flag
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I can almost spot a date on your flag in the lower left side. Any chance of a close up of that section?
Dogs beat me to the date, but I can add what I think is "Daizan Machi Bunkai" or Daizan Town Association. The final character is an older pre 45 character. So maybe it was a present from his home town on his way out? Daizan might be read as Oyama.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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