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The replicas from India or Pakistan are pretty good, with good carbon steel blades hammered out old-school.

Chinese steel replicas are mostly junk, often with the wrong point shapes, elaborate bogus decorations and fake aging, sold on eBay as real - a total fraud. Why eBay allows it is beyond me.

I just bought a $50 Indian jindjal at auction that is really nice, new with horn grips and I have a replica M39 bayonet they made quite well plus some good Pakistani replicas of early American knives, hand made and good steel.

I don't have a current source for Indian Russian replicas but a company in India called Universal Swords or something like that used to import them.

My best advice, though, is to look at the real Persian Cossack shashka I found and see if you can find one of these for perhaps $150, or find a decent old kindjal on eBay.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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