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Unremarked by everybody (excepted for me, who was averted by Wolfgang Riepe's book), darkwraith had posted on 27. August 2006 pictures of an otherwise very unimpressive sporterized Moschetto TS 91/24 in rather bad condition (value: $ 30 - 40), which had started its life as an 1898 Torino rifle, then had been captured by the Austrians (AZF I) and then had been converted to Moschetto TS 91/24 in Terni in 1925, before it was sporteized in the late 1950s by an Italian exporer ("MADE ITALY" marking), and later maybe also US sporterized, all that through addition of a rubber buttpad, a stock-mounted front swivel, and subtraction of barrel band and handguard. The usual sad fate. :-( view.jpg

An uninteresting semi-junk sporter in bad state? Not quite!

I believe that this gun initially might have been a very rare bicyclist's rifle ! These lateron all had their buttstock sling bars filled up. See here:

Hmm. What do you think?

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