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Here are four small photos ( approx. 2 1/8" X 3 1/4" or slightly smaller ) I recently picked up; I don't know if they "belong" together or not ( probably NOT ), and they're all unidentified and unmarked, save for the AgfaBrovira stamp on the backs of each. The first is why I bought the lot, showing 2 soldiers standing at order arms. They're both wearing M.1935 tunics and helmets and have K98k's; and although they appear to be wearing field gear ( note the handles of their spaten showing ), they aren't wearing Y-straps to support it. Next is a portrait of a Landser in a M.'40 tunic with the earlier shoulder straps with the embroidered regimental numbers; again, no Y-straps ( commomly missing in portraits ), but the strap across his chest is for a gasmaske. I don't know what the fellow with the rifle is doing in the hole, or what the various equipment visible in the foreground is - maybe telephone or radio? I suspect all 3 of these were taken during basic training; notice the absence of any sort of medals, ribbons, or other decorations common on veterans. The last man IS a veteran, however; this Luftwaffe airman is an Unteroffizer or corporal from his shoulderstraps, and has been decorated with the EKI. Though he's wearing the pilot/observer's badge, I can't quite tell from his clasp if it's an arrow ( for fighters ) or a bomb in the central wreath, but I'm inclined to think the latter.

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James N,

Very nice photos. I agree that pic's look like they are from training - especially pic 3 as it appears that posts in the background may be part of an obstacle course. Agree too that pic 4 appears to show a bomb rather than an arrow but awful fuzzy.

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