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The day I got the 9mm a-70 i ran a full mag through it flawlessly. I shot fifty rds throught it yesterday and about half the time it would not eject shell all the way and after the last round it did not hold open which make me beleive the slide is not coming all the way back. All it takes to clear jam is pull back it ejects, letting loose load another.

Now this is my first autoloading pistol an my first assumtion is that maybe it just needs a good cleaning and lube. Do they get lubed?

I want to start by cleaning it thoroughly but don't know how and dont want to end up with a trip to the gunsmith to get it fixed.

edited i just found online instructions and now know how to field strip and clean and lube. it will be days before i can shot again. the gun was dry does it sound like im on the right track? can a dirty gun not funtion properly?
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