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Your title is misleading - you're looking for 9x18 bullets, for a (nominally) ~.362 bore. A bullet for 9x19 is for a .355 bore, and would give lousy accuracy at best in a Mak.

Berry's Bullets has plated bullets for about $75/1000 delivered.

Bear Creek Supply has moly coated lead for about $42/1000 delivered to the midwest.|0

Meister Cast bullets are available directly from them for about $66/1000 delivered in the US.

I use the Meister lead in my Mak plinkers and they work just fine. But I have just acquired a CZ-82 with a polygonal bore and have read about problems with lead in such bores, so unless I can find some confirmation that the moly coating eliminates the problems that lead bullets cause in polygonal bores, I'll probably switch to the plated bullets when my current supply of lead runs out.
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