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Purchased some Starline 9mm Largo brass off the WTS/WTT section some time back, it was unprimed and looked perfectly fine. This brass was loaded with my trusted 9mmL load I have used many times on other brass. The first gun it was shot out of was a 400 and all brass split at the mouth or just below the mouth for about 6mm. Most splits started at the mouth and worked down about 6-7mm. I wrote SL and got a ho-hum response so I thought maybe it was the gun so today I tried it in another 400 and a Destroyer. Both other guns functioned fine but the brass all split the same way as before. So I will shoot this stuff up then toss but am thinking of going to win 9x23 brass and load it to 9mmL levels, any thoughts? Have you had any experience with SL brass splitting and again thoughts on the idea around 9x23 win loaded to safe 9mmL levels for use?

Thanks, RJS
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