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I have four. (1) a Nagoya, SN "11," the late Don Harper and a friend, we'll call him "Joe," made to fool some "know it all" at a Salt Lake City show. It was a Substitute Type 99 and the receiver was roughed with a file and at the same time all serial numbers were removed except the last two, the "11". On the receiver bottom is stamped, D A "J" M T R (Don and "Joe" made this rifle.)

(2) Don't remember the series or SN (not sure I still have it?) , but the mum was restamped twice, the second time the tool jumped a bit so you have two mums, one slightly off-set. The rifle's serial number is also stamped on the left side of the chamber.

(3) If you are a B'ZAI subscriber you know this one as the "midget submarine carbine sniper" used to shoot sea gulls off the sub's parascope. It's a standard, "Red Neck Arsenal" carbine that Odie cut down and grooved the receiver for a reproduction scope mount. It has a pod rear band with a shortened repro pod. The ground area was rounded off smooth and I plan to have an anchor engraved there.

(4) Same as #3 but made from a butchered T-2. It has the scope mount, short pod, and one of the T-2 stocks made by the guy in The Dalles, OR, shortened to carbine length. Odie, and RCB (Riceone) did a fair share of the work. The "two" on the receiver was changed to a "three" and my initials in a circle were added to the receiver over the former mum position.

I've shot a couple, don't remember which ones, but a lot more "fun" than the 8mm Carcano carbines!
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