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on Wednesday 4-10 i saw an auction with a buy now price of $300 on gun broker.
on Thursday 4-11 i couldn't find it.
did anyone else see it? or did i dream it.

why i did not buy it

no good picture of receiver.
high splice stock.
open v rear sight
no guards on front sight
no mono pod middle band
wrong bolt
seller had 86 feed back mostly buying joined 9- 13

did i pass up soothing to good to be true?

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Probably not; many rifles described as "snipers" are just std. 38s or 99s with the ladder sight.

Ladder sight = sniper; any Japanese soldier shooting at you = sniper. More than 99% of Japanese soldiers were snipers if you believe
the descriptions on period pictures!;)

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As I am looking for a 99 rifle only, I hit "Japanese Sniper" almost every day - I am sure I would have caught it. If it was listed at $300 the seller may not have realized what he had and accepted an off of $500 !! I haven't checked completed, it may be there.

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I am pretty sure I was that auction. It was a Type 38 with a ground mum. It was listed as a Type 97. I went back and reviewed my searches on Gunbroker and could not find it.

John in Charlotte, NC
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