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91 Carbine Dilemma

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I have a 1891 Argentine Engineers carbine that Im thinking about getting rid of but Im trying to decide whether to part it out or sell it whole.Judging by the serial number it was made in 1899 and is within the first 100 C block carbines made by DWM.

Heres the situation: The bore looks like it has decent rifling and the muzzle is tight but there appears to be some throat wear and pitting and the rifle is key holing.No parts match except the barrel and receiver and the bolt is unumbered.The front sling swivel is a replacement and there is an arsenal repair missing on the left side of the stock.

So with that said I think I may be better off parting it out but Id like to see what you guys have to say.Any advice would be appreciated.Heres two photos.

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It would be a shame to part it out IMHO. Any way you could try some cast ? How is the crown ?
The bore looks like it has decent rifling and the muzzle is tight but there appears to be some throat wear and pitting and the rifle is key holing.
What type of ammo are you shooting?
That carbine looks too good to part out. Sell it whole.
I would try shooting a longer, heavy bullet, with no boat tail... I would also try the cast bullets and a mild handload. I don't think that the pitting would cause the key holes...perhaps if the throat was real bad... .311 or .312 cast 180 grain bullet and a mild load is what I would do
No reason to break it up for parts unless you just want to maximize your profit from the sale. Tater134, if you want to sell it, put it on the Trader. If anyone wants to take the bait and make an offer, PM the owner/person making the offer. Discussion of accuracy problems is fine but talking sale or offering to buy or sell is not. This one is bordering on being closed.
don't part it out. some,like me,look for matching #s,condition and correct features and could care less about shooting a collectible.
Sorry TP wasnt trying to make any kind of sale here and didnt want to imply that it in the post.Im not even 100% sure I want to get rid of it.Basically Im just looking for some opinions on what to do with this one since Id hate to part out any functioning rifle. If you still want to close out the thread I wont be offended.

As to the the questions on ammo and bore condition.The crown is good with no damage and the ammo Ive been using has either been surplus or older commercial that Ive bought locally (180gr bullet weight I think?)I measured the bullets and the diameter was .312. Right now Im not set up to reload this caliber but I can get dies locally and try making some loads for it.Im not casting at the moment so thats out unless I pick some lead bullets up online.If anyone else has any suggestions for improving accuracy Id appreciate it.Thanks for the replies.
Sorry was my fault...but as precaution, I would treat all of the mil surp as corrosive...unless you are sure of the date of mfg..clean it for several days.I can't imagine they are still mfg mil rounds.
Ive been shooting corrosive for awhile so Im used to cleaning up after it so theres no problems there.The surplus fmj stuff I was using was indeed corrosive and the old commercial hunting ammo was non corrosive. Any bore damage that was there was already present when I got the rifle.I think this one may be a good excuse for me to put together an EBC.
EBC....Excuse to Buy Components..... I agree...get some reloadable rounds, and start over...
By EBC I meant electronic bore cleaner but Ill probably go pick some dies up and try some handloads before I give up on this one.Anyone have any bullet recommendations?Im thinking something with a long bearing surface may be better??
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