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Test today, 91/59 carbine with iron sights and shot from Lead Sled at 300m.:

Mosin 91/59 carbine with Pole ball LPS results: one group 7 inches, one group 5 inches

Pole LPS shot 8 to 10 inches out of my PU sniper at 300m last weekend and the rifle
hates it. Out of the snubby 91/59 it lands 5 inches with iron sights. Bore on this carbine
is frosty, and has tight muzzle. Just goes to show LPS is hot or cold for accuracy depending on the rifle. THe rear slider was on 300 and sure enough, it shoots point of aim at 300m.

Now I am wondering...what would that Mosin 91/59 carbine do at 300 or 600 meters shooting my 762x54R sniper match loads ?
I picked up a 91/59 a few months ago, and haven't gotten around to trying it out yet-need to do that. They have a reputation as good shooters, and it sounds like yours is no exception.

It'd probably be spectacular with handloads, but it wouldn't surprise me if the optimum load for the 91/59 ended up being significantly different from a good load for the PU.
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