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91/30 Stock re-shellac pics..

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I thought I would start a new thread so my pics did not get lost down stream.
Not a sniper stock but my sniper came out the same, so...
This one had thick garnet shellac (flaking off) which I removed with de-natured alcohol, a toothbrush and paper towells..
The bare wood got a brief wipe down with BLO (as opposed to a 15 minute soak as per the instructions) and overnight cure.
Several VERY thin coats of shellac were applied, followed by one coat at a more "normal" cut or thickness.
The initial coats were almost all alcohol with very little shellac and soaked deep into the wood to establish a firm anchor or base coat for the final (thicker) coating of shellac.
Lastly, it was rubbed with 0000 steel wool dipped in BLO to knock back the shine and smooth out any "runs" in the shellac.
I've seen pictures of WWII issued 91/30s and this IMHO is a lot closer to original than the garnet shellac mess that refurbs wear.
I used "handmade" non-dewaxed flakes, the type with twig and insect bits embedded in the flakes, which I guessed was what they used in the 30's...
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That's the great thing about shellac, it's very fast and easy to work with,
AND if you mess it up or don't like the results, it comes off without a major effort.
FWIW, I bought WAY too much of the shellac you see on that stock, so if you want some, send me a PM.
I'm not giving it away, but it's very cheap...

I forgot to add that this method and shellac stays put when the bands are slid over the handguard.
No "shaving" or marring of the finish,unlike the refurb finish.
That's one of my pet peeves, not being able to do routine maintaince without damaging the finish during band removal!!
The amount of BLO is pretty minimal, I rubbed in the least amount that would cover the wood and then rubbed it down with paper towells HARD right afterward.
BUT those pictures were taken this AM and the shellac went on last WED, so it is pretty fresh.
It IS dry though as the bands were hard to slide on yet no distortion or scratches occured.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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