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I bought a CENTURY imported fake sniper, it has the steel base and mount, and I concur with Vic about the scope. althpugh it is a repro, it's a very nice one, the optics are very clear and sharp and not all scratched up and fuzzy like some of the originals I looked through.

for those that will get the fake snipers, you will have to tune the base of the mount to the rifle, then fine tune it by using the elevation and windage on the scope itself........ it's not a simple matter of just slapping it on and adjusting the crosshairs. the crosshairs are not like modern scope where no matter how you adjust the crosshairs it stays in the middle of the filed of view, these repro scope adjust like the may want to bookmark or print out how to adjust the scope to the rifle: section/mosin-nagant-sighting.asp
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