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The repro rifles seem to be similar. However, some are being constructed with aluminum bases and/or mounts. Avoid these at all cost. Ask specifically for all-steel base and mount before you buy. An aluminum base is weak and not in spec with a steel base and not a swap-out operation (my experience with one). IO is a sponsor here, be sure to mention the board.
My personal experience with aluminum:
I purchased a repro rifle with an aluminum base that was swapped for a steel by the original purchaser. Unknown and not revealed in pictures, it was out of spec, they hogged out the pin holes in the mount by drilling 7mm holes to get it to fit. Very lame. The saving grace was the original PU scope. I was able to redrill and tap the main mounting screws which are non-standard (they were tapped 5mm vs 6mm) and relocating the pins. I used a new steel repro base and mount.
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