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Hi all
Well first off, many thanks to everyone who offered their advice after my dismal first trip to the range with my 1944 Tula ex-sniper. It appears that shooting the rifle with the bayonet attached has GREATLY improved the accuracy. Also, the stock recoil bolt wasn't that tight, so I cinched it up good as well. Before I was way high (upper right corner of the target; not even close to any of the rings), but with the bayo on, I shot extremely tight groups in the 8 ring. (@ 100 meters). Still shoots to the right, but I will drift the front sights when I get a brass punch, so I expect to see improvement there as well. Boy I sure got some
looks when I clamped that big ol' pigsticker on!! I am so relieved that the Red Beast is more or less accurate-I thought she was destined to be a wallhanger...
Again, I really appreciate the help I have received from the people on this site!!
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