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9 largo nickeled cases

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I ordered some brass cases from Starline the other day,and then received a call from them saying they didnt have any 9 largo brass in stock and wouldnt have any for approximately 6 weeks,however they did have some nickeled cases.I took half my order in the nickeled and told them I'd take the rest when they had it.I dont have a ton of reloading experience,mostly.45 auto and.38 special.What I am wondering is if there is any big difference between brass and the nickeled stuff.I looked on Starline's website and they dont advertise any nickeled cases that I could find.I know plenty of factory ammo is loaded in nickeled cases and alot of the .38's I've reloaded are also ,as well as some .45. Is there any differece between the two?? Joby
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Put me in the catagory of "They're easier to resize"...and they do look nice!

I'm shocked they have 9mm Largo in nickle; must have been a special order???

Only problem I've heard of is case neck cracking. This has been true for me basically with .38 Spl. and if it doesn't happen the first time, they last as long as brass, i.e., a very long time.
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