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Things seem to have gone quite on 8x58RD rolling blocks so just to stir the pot has anyone done any load development since the post on Norma loads, pressures, etc. etc.
Would be very interested as my cases should be here this week and will start to work up a few loads.
And would like to pick the more experienxed 8x58RD shooter brains on this forum.
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I just found this thread and thought I'd share a couple things. Jack, like yours, my RB groove diameter measures very close to .330 diameter. I also cast bullets using the 8X56 Hungarian mold. Rather than using gas checks, I machined a bit off the mold to get rid of the rebated part of the bullet, leaving it flat based and weighing a bit under 200 gr. using WW. I use 22 gr of IMR 4198 with that bullet and use a bit of cotton to hold the powder back against the primer. I'll have to check my notes to see what kind of velocity I'm getting.

I also shoot a 150 gr JSP bullet, also made for the 8x56 Hungarian. I use 40 gr of IMR 4895 and get around 2000 fps.

I have used .323 diameter jacketed bullets but I was concerned about gas cutting. I once deliberately used a very small charge to drive a 200 gr .323 JSP bullet a few inches into the rifling. I could see daylight at each of the grooves.

By the way, when I first bought my Swede RB years ago, I also bought a box of 8X58RD from Ammodepot. I fired only one. It was very hard to open the rifle after that shot. I pulled the bullet on another round and measured 52 gr of some powder that looked like 4895. Apparently, Ammodepot had loaded the ammo nearly to the levels listed in Cartridges of the World. I guess that was a good proof load for my rifle. Nothing got sprung or jugged and the action is still tight, thankfully. I ended up pulling all the bullets and dumping the powder and just using the brass. I don't see loaded 8X58RD on Ammodepot's website anymore.

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I just measured the throat on my RB. The way I seat them, the 200 gr cast bullet has to travel .470 inch before it contacts the rifling. That means the base of the bullet is about .200 inch out past the case mouth before the front end engages the rifling. Now, I'm using formed 45-70 brass which is 2.280 OAL, about what real 8X58RD brass should be, so I can't decrease my "free bore" distance any more.

I did check my notes on MV. My 22gr IMR 4198 load gives 1585 fps with +/-4 fps in 3 shots.

I had 5 loaded rounds left from almost a year ago so I shot them today. Results are below. First two shots on the left were me resting on a table. Three shot group to the right was using a sandbag rest to take me out of the equation. Range was 50 yards.

The bullet is my bob-tailed .329 out of wheel weights. Lube is 50/50 beeswax and Crisco. Dirty brass needs to be tumbled.

My rifle is shown. I added the sporter sights as it had none when I bought it.

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