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Things seem to have gone quite on 8x58RD rolling blocks so just to stir the pot has anyone done any load development since the post on Norma loads, pressures, etc. etc.
Would be very interested as my cases should be here this week and will start to work up a few loads.
And would like to pick the more experienxed 8x58RD shooter brains on this forum.
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XMP5744 powder

I have been doing some load development with this AA 5744 powder. I have been shooting 185gr Rem Core-loks with 24gr of the 5744 powder. It pushes the bullets at approx 1700fps out of my .324 barrel. I have not fired them at any distance so I do not know if they will tumble at ranges further the 10 yards. I have mostly been fire forming my brass to my chamber with this load. I started off with 20 gr and have loaded up to 26 grains of the AA 5744. This powder ignites very well with LR primers and does not need to be tilted back to seat the powder against the primer. Also, according to AA, it will leave a residue in the barrel untill you go past the 18,000 PSI range. Be VERY CAREFUL with this fast powder. I would not go over 26gr with jacketed bullets without extensive testing with a chronograph. 26gr pushed the 185gr Core-lok up to 1850-1900 fps.

I have received some 190gr GC lead bullets that I plan on shooting after hunting season. I also plan to try and work up a N140 jacketed bullet loading. As soon as Sportsmans Warehouse gets the powder in I'm gonna start working up a load with the 185 Rem bullets.

I have also been working with Bruce Bertram, owner of Bertram Brass at correcting the problems with there cases. Bruce has made some good progress and the cases he sent me to test were closer to the spec. size needed.

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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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