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Been playing with the 8mm Husky.

My main purpose for this gun will be for deer hunting in bad weather.

The 185 Remington is the cheapest bullet around and the Wolf Gold factory ammo is also the most affordable factory ammo I've found, so I thought some modifications to these bullets might make them open up a bit quicker for shooting lighter-bodied deer. I like to practice with the same ammo with which I hunt.

I have heard of but never have experienced bullet failures involving a lack of penetration. This is likely the result of my choice of calibers. However, I have experienced bullet failures involving insufficient expansion on light-bodied deer resulting in soft points acting like FMJ's causing long tracking necessary to recover well-shot deer. I reasoned that if the modification was quick and easy to achieve, could be accomplished with available tools and could be performed on loaded ammunition {particularly important in the case of the Wolf factory loads}, such a modification would be completely worth the effort. My initial tests indicate that it is possible that these criteria may indeed be met.

My goal was to get more than .50" expansion and limit the penetration of the bullets to at the most the 3rd jug, preferably the second jug or 3rd board.

Each of the following 3 bullets was modified by the following procedure:

* Held by the fingers, a 5mm wrench socket was spun on the tip of a loaded bullet, thus scribing a line around the tip of the bullet. Using a grinding wheel, the tip was removed to the line, then the tip was finished up on a belt grinder, the edge wire wheeled and the tip buffed on a revolving wheel.

Then, the expanded bullet {jacket-only remaining} at far right was modified as above then also given a hollow point using my 1/8 inch Forster Hollow Pointer to a depth of .125 inch.

Pictured below are the results:

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From left-to-right:

Loaded cartridge with Flat Pointed 185 grain Remington Bullet.

Loaded cartridge with Hollow Pointed 185 grain Remington Bullet.

185 grain Remington Pointed Soft Point Core-Lokt bullet. Approximately 2350 fps, full penetration 3 boards, 2 jugs, found in 3rd jug, .58", 123 grains.

196 grain Factory Wolf Gold Soft Point bullet. Approximately 2150 fps. Full penetration 3 boards, 2 jugs, found in 3rd jug, holed 3rd jug and dented 4th board, .61, 152 grains.

185 grain Rem PSPCL. Approximately 2500 fps. Full penetration 2 boards, 2 jugs, core lost, jacket found in 3rd board, .67", 55 grains {jacket only}.

If compared to my previous testing on the earlier posts, it can be seen that the Remington bullet that merely had its tip ground off did not appreciably change its performance in the test media. However, the bullet that was fired at higher velocity and had its tip ground off and also received a hollow point blew its core, dumped its energy faster with less penetration and expanded more than the other bullet. Possibly a slightly shallower HP might have allowed the bullet to retain its core while still providing superior expansion and energy transmittal but for me this is moot since I am really interested more in improving the performance of the slower-moving bullet. Obviously, though, the fast-moving, flat pointed/hollow-pointed bullet just may be a real bomb on smaller deer.

Merely flattening the tip of the Wolf factory round seemed to make an appreciable and worthwhile improvement to its performance. I ran out of jugs before I could get a good test in on the Wolf HP.

Further testing will be done with the Remington 185 being fired at the lower velocity {c. 2350 fps}. I also plan to shoot include the modified Wolf Gold bullet modified with ground tip and hollow point.

I like what I see, and with a little more work I think I may just have a perfect bullet for deer in my my slightly downloaded Husky 8x57.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Jn 3:16 Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum.

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Husky Varmit
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Posted - 04/18/2007 : 11:08:13 AM


Please keep this going. I have a couple of 8x57's that have not been used in the last few years (sadly, not Husky) due to a few reasons. A usable Wolf round might let them see a little daylight.

My only request is that you be a little more clear in what modifications are made to bullet in description of the penetration results. Yes, I know I am old and slow, but I had to read the results a couple of times to relate which bullet mod to match to the penetration info.

Also, I know that you have heard it before, but I want to add to the support for your testings, reportings, experimentations, etc. What you contribute is immeasurable. I can say for me without question, that you provide a vicarious realization o fthings that many of us would like to do if we had the time, knowledge, funds, etc.

Keep on keeping on.


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Posted - 04/18/2007 : 3:08:59 PM

Husky Varmit:

Thanks for the critique and sorry for the gobbly-****!!

As I reread this post I noticed a few typo's as well, all of which which I think I have now clarified in the editting. Truth is, I had too few jugs to do an extensive test with the variety of bullets I had modified. For example, I did not include the results of a flat-tipped, hollow-pointed Wolf 196-grain as I only had 2 jugs left and it went thru both {stopped by a pile of plywood behind the second jug} but its performance appeared so good that I will reshoot it with the full setup including additional boards/jugs.

To reiterate, the real background to this test is my preference to shoot slightly downloaded ammo in my 96-action Swede. I know these are said to be strong, quality rifles, and they certainly appear to be to me, but the action is somewhat dated and I have no desire to subject my rifle to max pressures in the search for highest velocities.

American factory ammo is anemic. Some European ammo is quite heavily loaded. My desire is to get an easy-kicking load developed that won't strain the action and will utilize the least expensive components/ammo available. Inexpensive Wolf Gold 196 grain SP is very easy to shoot, accurate in my rifle and I am GUESSING that it operates at less pressure than, say, the c"collector-grade" Lapua ammo I've tested that pushes a 200 grain bullet to over 2500 fps. Recoil of the Wolf round is noticeably less than the Lapua and less than the 185 Remington pushed in excess of 2500 fps also.

The handload I will continue to work on will involve the 185 grain Remington as it is a cheap bullet and at least in original, unmodified condition, shoots accurately in my Swede. I need to modify some of these bullets and then test my groups from sitting on the Norsk reinsdyr target. The goal for the final load is for it to be adequately accurate for 100 meter deer shooting AND provide fast-opening performance on that game.

In the future, I'll try to be clearer in posting results.

For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Jn 3:16 Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum.

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Posted - 04/18/2007 : 7:04:05 PM

Lee....You should look into some Yugo HB surplus ammo. You could pull the bullets and reuse the original powder in your reduce loads. After reloading the ammo in Boxer primed cases just do you chop off and hollow point procedure with the FMJ bullet. I don't know how your gun would like it but if cheap is a key factor then you should try this out. 10-20 cents a round will be hard to beat with even wolf brand ammo.

I have done the down load thing with Turk ammo for my early Turked 1893 and 1888 German mausers. 40-42 grains of Turk 1943 powder is a nice mild load in the grand old war horses

Regards, Smokepole50

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Posted - 04/19/2007 : 09:55:04 AM

Yes, there are a lot of options for shooting on the cheap.

Here are some targets shot with the rifle yesterday. All shot from the varmint rest off the back deck of my Polaris Ranger for group at 100 meters.

On the left: My "standard" load with this rifle: Remington 185 grain unmodified bullet at 2380 fps. 3 shots, group size 1 1/16 inches. As you can see, shots fall right under the tip of the front sight. Shot so comparison could be made with modified bullets.

Middle: Same load except bullet modifed by grinding the tip off to a line spun with a 4mm socket wrench then a 1/8 diameter, .125" deep hollow point drilled. 3 shots, group size 2 1/8 inches. This mod makes for a pretty bullet, quite "factory"-looking.

Right: Same load except bullet modified by grinding the tip off to a line spun with a 5mm socket wrench. Flat pointed, no hollow point. 3 shots, group size 9/16 inches. This mod makes for an ugly flat faced bullet.

I think these groups demonstrate that making slight modifications to the tip of the bullets didn't effect the accuracy much and in fact zero stayed put, too. This is an accurate rifle, clearly more accurate than I can hold it in light of the iron sights. They have been modified by cutting a big, wide rear notch. Front sight is a blade/Patridge installed quite cleverly by some Swede prior to my acquisition. The original in-line dovetail was filled and then a crosswise dovetail cut for some aftermarket front sight blade. When I got the rifle the front sight slopped sideways and required quite a bit of peening to get it tight. These sights stand out and are easy to pick up even in dim light. I set up all my open-sighted guns with this setup and they work for me. I hate beads. I cannot hold windage or elevation consistently with a bead and have no idea why they are the most common front sight seen.

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For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Jn 3:16 Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum.

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