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8mm Mauser Blindee Mosin Question

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Did the Finnish or Poland ever get any of the Blindee altered Mosins. I have found very little on these Mosins. The Mosin site has very nice photos of one that has M91 bands.
One old source from a past web site I copied to paper noted that some may have had Gew front bands and bayonet lugs. But I have found nothing on the web recently.
Could these have been the orginal pattern for the Polish 91/98/25 carbine. I also found that there was a Polish 91/98/24 but a complete discription is lacking.

Are there any new photos or info out there?
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To my knowledge, there is no documentation that the Blindee was ever issued.

The Polish conversion was most likely used in the SCW, as there are written references of sales from Poland to Spain in the mid-1930's.
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