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8mm Ammo Availability

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If I were to get a firearm in 8mm is the ammo cheaply and readily available? The only cheap ammo I can find is surplus and I am unsure when/if it will dry up in the near future. I am leery that once the surplus ammo dries up I will be forced to buy the expensive commercially made ammo which is twice the cost or more per round than surplus ammo.

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The 8mm Yugo surplus (50's dated) at about 20 cents per round is the cheapest out there. Once that dries up - you will be stuck with commercial ammo costing 2 to 3 times as much. Reloading will help, but still won't be as cheap as surplus since new bullets cost 25 cents each and then you have to buy powder and primers etc. The only way you can guarantee the current surplus cost is to stock up on the currently available surplus ammo.

Just ask the 303 British and 8x56R shooters out there (cheapest available is 80 c/rd and over $1 per round on These are two of the rounds that have dried up most recently. Once it's gone .... your options for cheap plinking are limited.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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