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Where can I find some?

I have a type 99 Arisaka in GREAT shape. I have a couple hundred rounds of factory brass cased ammo. I have a set of FL dies, but I can't find any load data.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


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Speer 8 & 9 has data. Norma's website also. I have compared charge weights for similar bullet weights with .308 Win and they are close I'd stay 1 grain under max with .308 data for the 7.7mmx58 loads. RL15, IMR4064, 4320, 4895, N203 and even W844,846 have worked for me.

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Almost all reloading manuals have 7.7x58 load data.
Also most of the powder manufactures have 7.7x58 load data on their web sites.
I agree 100%. The data is out there.

I am gonna try some Soviet Extra match bullets and Target bullets in 7.7 and 303 Brit.. Hopefully I can find some powder data but I will figure it out. I will have to pull bullets from some amazing loads but these bullets are very impressive in Soviet rifles. I have got to try them in these other rifles.

The good soviet LB bullets are also very effective when loaded in 7.7 Japanese cases. They are also pretty cheap.

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I have used all kinds of powder for my 7.7 rounds any imr,hodgen 4895 , varget, imr4064,ram shot big game, all gave excellent results in my 3 rifles. There are many more rifle powders will work but i like those choices for all my bolt actions.from 8mm.06 to 7.6254r. Works well in all ,i suggest the you buy new lee or hornady reloading manual , the cost is well worth it and you have every load you will ever need in those two manuals.sierra loads are good as well , i just prefer hornady over all else , personel choice .
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