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Not much to say . I also use reformed 8x57mm brass, I like it better than 30/06 brass. We have a rapid fire match with rifles that uses up alot of ammo. A friend and I wanted to get out cheap when using our T-99's in the match. We pulled some bullets from some 7.62x54r ammo and seated them in necksized 8x57mm surplus cases. The ammo was not the most accurate, only about 5 + inch 5-shot groups at 100 yards. Since we only had to hit 12 inch squares at 100 yards we figured it would do .It worked fine for us both during sight in shooting. About half way into the match after our rifles heated up [ after about 30 rounds ] , we both started to get about 50% no-fires. That killed us in the match. After the rifles cooled down the no-fires would go off. The heat enlarged the chambers enough that the headspace became too long to set them off. After the cases were fire formed , then reloaded , the problem was gone. mag
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