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My first reloads fo9r 7,7 Japanese were made using Once fired 7,9 IMI (Israeli )1955 cases...Boxer. The Once fired cases sized just fine, enough of a body Bulge to centre properly with some Masking tape (1/4inch strip just in front of extractor groove.) Used 174grain .303 Brit.MkVII projies (FMJ) and subsequently took my first Wild Pig (boar) out in western Queensland in 1973 ( cross shoulder shot, 75 yards).

The rifle was(is) a "substituted Model" T99 (Packing-case stock, wood buttplate, welded safety knob, fixed aperture sights, etc. But a perfect Bore.

For ease of Manufacture, the 7,9mm ("8mm") Mauser case is Ideal; I still use .30/06 for my Commercial Manufacture 7,7 cases. I still have my 100 Israeli 7.9/7,7 cases in store ---now reduced to "Cast Lead Only", as they have had 20 reloads of FMJ (Neck size, with FLS at about 10 RL, and Anneal at every Five RLs.

Doc AV
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