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I have a late war Type 99 short rifle. Non-chrome bore, matching # bolt.

Norma brass
200 gr RN .311" cast bullet with gas check - Lyman 311299
12 grs Unique

This will put 5 rds into 1" at 50 yds. A very surprisingly accurate rifle for as rough as it appears, though it appears to have not seen combat at all. I wouldn't feel undergunned with this rifle. With the wood being a rather soft and less dense the rifle is light compared with others.

It does have a fault. First time I fired the Norma factory ammo it swelled the entire case so much I could barely resize the cases. After that first time I just shoot it with this cast bullet load and the cases size easy enough.

When I shot my Type 38 with cast bullet handloads the first time I thought I got lucky twice with my little 2 rifle Japanese collection. Three shots into one cluster. Dang!

Problem was... it was one shot sideways:) Not a bad looking rifle. Has a dust cover. Import marked and with a mum. Was a freebie so I scrounged up an old set of Herters dies and bought one box of Norma ammo for $20.

I'd like to have an early war Type 99. You Arisaka collectors have snagged every last rifle in the entire country... seems like. I started as a shooter/handloader/milsurp collecter in 1965 at age 14 and Japanese rifles didn't get much respect back then. Took a long time but I'm glad to see them take their rightful place as significant collectables. I waited too long:-(

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