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I started reloading in 1960 so I could shoot my Japanese rifles. I bought a Herters press for $13, a set of dies for $4.95, power measure and scales about that cheep, forgot exactly. Got bullets and power from a local source, powder $2.95 and bullets for $2.50. Cheap, yes it was but when you only make $85 a week and have a wife and child, thats much. Before 6.5 brass got plentiful, I formed my brass from 308 cases and 7.7 from 30-06. Brings back memories.
Don't you need a special reforming die to make 6.5 from .308? On the other hand it's relatively easy to form 7.7 from 30-06 with the regular 7.7 die once the cases have been cut down. Even then the cases tend to stretch so I cut them a few thousandths less than the 2.27 max case length. Another thing that works for me is to take four or five gradual presses and go slowly when forming 7.7 instead of being in a hurry. It seems to produce a better more consistent 7.7 case.
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