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7.62x54r Ammo crate???

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I just bought my first crate of ammo and was just wondering if anyone knows anything
about it. What Factory, Date of manufacture, type of ammo. Any thing would be appreciated


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Factory 188 (188, Novosibirsk Low Voltage Equipment Plant JSC, 30A Stantsionnaya St., Novosibirsk) 1973 mfg type LPS 148gr (mild steel core ball).
Is this ammo decent? I have some bulgarian in spam cans just wondering how it compares?
It shoots basically the same. I haven't found any difference better or worse between the two. Good light ball steel core ammo. It has a silver tip, so it's armor piercing, sniper, zombie type, nah, just regular old Russian ball ammo. People tend to have a lot of fun when there is a color on the tip of the bullet!
Actually production of 1986 and later has hardened cores what makes them AP then.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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