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7.62x54 light vs heavy

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Does anyone have an idea of the cup pressure of light ball ammo vs heavy ball? I am asking for a general measure not specific to any particular mfgr.year or country. The hungarian light ball load shoots wonderfully in all my Mosin rifles (no extraction or sticky bolt)... but any heavy ball in the same rifles will cause me to reach for a 2x4 to beat the bolt open and quite often tear the rim from the case. Is there a significant difference in velocity or chamber pressure between these different bullet weights? I am curious about surplus ammo (have not fired any commercial loads yet).
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The common factor is the heavy ball ammo. I am curious if there is a load difference other than the heavier bullet weight or a muzzle velocity difference that would (possibly) help to explain this. I am aware that the actual loading spec is just a "guideline" for much of the ammo produced and has no real meaning in the real world (sorta like the commie version of quality control); but the question remains as "why the heck does only heavy ball give multiple rifles the same problem". I have no clue so it's time to ask.
That's one thing that I had not thought of.... I never claimed to be too bright. I am sure that I have leftovers in the range bag from where I noticed problems, I will check the cases.
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