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Reloading data...

Best I can tell from the reloading data books I have is:

.30 Mauser - Rough average across several different loads is about 280 ~ 320 ME (ft-lbs) with a 1150 ~ 1300 MV (ft/s).

7.62X25 Tok - Rough average across several different loads is about 375 ~ 450 ME (ft-lbs) with a 1450 ~ 1550 MV (ft/s).

Also some specs on common surplus 7.25X25 data can be found here:

The average 7.62X25 loading looks like it's going to generate anywhere from 20% to 60% more energy than an average .30 Mauser loading. While 20% more energy may be OK, 60% more energy in a gun not designed for those kinds of pressure is asking for big trouble in my opinion.

Of course loading the .30 Mauser in a gun designed for the 7.62X25 Tok should be perfectly safe provided the loading has enough energy to safely cycle the action (and the chamber tolerances don't mind the very slight difference in the casing).
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