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Check out the January issue of "Guns" magazine. Mike "Duke" Venturino blathers on in an article about the PPSH-41 burp gun and makes this statement: "Most people also ask, "What cartridge is a PPsh41 chambered for?" I say 7.62x25mm and again they look blank. Then when you tell them it's interchangeable with the .30 Mauser of "Broomhandle" fame, again the lights come on."
I could hardly believe my eyes when I read this-just reconfirmed my already low opinion of gunwriters. I hope Guns magazine has some good liability insurance when somebody who reads this article fires some 7.62 Tokarev rounds in his Broomhandle and the bolt smacks him in the head.
I don't see a problem in what he said. He is saying that the PPSH can fire 7.62x25 and .30 Mauser. Which is true and safe.

its no differnent then someone saying a .327 Magnum gun can fire .32 S&W Longs. Doesnt mean it works the other way.
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