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I bought a 30 Mauser reamer because it is cheaper than a 7.62x25mm Tokarev reamer.
I bought it use up Tokarev ammo in a rifle I built.

The dimensions in the books for the two cartridges are closer than typical tolerances on SAAMI registration of chambers or cartridges.

Many books will say that the 30 Mauser is lower pressure than the Tokarev cartridge and so one should not shoot Tokarev ammo in a 96 Mauser. As I like to point out, the 96 Mauser is built stronger than the CZ52, and the Tokarev is stronger still. When I contact book authors, the errors seem to trace back to a US army publication in 1971.

The cause the erratic variation in which CZ52 blows up, I have now traced back to a wide variation in RC hardness of CZ52 barrels.

where did you get your reamer and how much was it?
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