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french ammo

To accurately value the ammo you speak of more information is needed, pictures would be the best help. Most Syrian ammo has a bad reputation for misfires, French and Syrian ammo is corrossive. Privi commercial ammo runs about $13.00 a box of 20.

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What is this worth?

Well.....lets do the math.

Brand New ..... Non Corrosive.....Boxer Primed....Priv Partizan runs about $15 per box of that's 75 cent per round.

The 7.5 French ammo you have is 41 year old surplus.....Corrosive....and Berdan Primed

I would say about 45 cents per round = $7 per box of 15rds x 45 boxes = $315

"You mileage may vary"


This is what is the wooden case


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Hmmmmmm You wouldn't want to ship it to Alaska would ya? lol

That French surplus tens to be more accurate than the Privi Ammo in my weapons
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