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Well, I went back for the matching, mumed, 7th series Nagoya with sling and star K bayo with rubberized canvass frog this weekend. I guess it was meant to be. It was Sunday, 15 minutes before the show closed and there it was.

I will post pictures later.

The point of this post is, well, the seller said you can shoot 7.5 Argentine in a 7.7. Arisaka and it will be accurate to 200 yards. He said Argentine can be found for 5 dollars for 10 rounds.

I've never heard of 7.5 Argentine, or was it 6.5? Crap, someone set me straight.

Any of you heard or tried this?


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7.65 Argentine

The Argentine round is 7.65 x 53mm; therefore 4 or 5mm short. The projectile diameter is given as 0.313, which is larger than the 7.7's 0.311. Pressure will be higher.

I suspect it will fire, fire form the case and be not too much the worse for wear; but the 'headspace' would be out by at least an additional 0.020". So if you worry about such things and value your fingers and eyes etc, it is not to be recommended.

In my experience, Argentine ammo is not particularly cheap.
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