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Here is a site that has a book on the 52nd for sale:

My guess it that a mounted infantry regiment intended mostly for home defense would have been armed with Enfields or Springfields. Sharps breechloaders and Spencer repeaters, while used by mounted infantry regiments, probably would have been reserved for frontline troops such as Wilder's Lightning Brigade. I have a good number of books on the War Between the States in Kentucky at home, when I get there for Christmas I will check to see if there are any mentions of the 52nd.

It looks like your great, great, great grandfather just missed out on taking a shot at three of my ancestors. They rode with Morgan in the 11th Kentucky Cavalry but were taken captive at Buffington Island in July 1863.

You may want to contact the Kentucky Military History Museum ( or the Kentucky Historical Society ( to see if they have any info.

Happy hunting
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