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I just received some 5.56mm cartridges in 20 round, brown paper boxes marked

5,56 mm
BALL - 55 GR.

LOT FNM 72-6

The headstamp is "FNM 72-6" they are brass cases with crimped in, bright primers.

I assume this is M193 ball made in June 1972 but is it FN or Portuguese ammo? Any idea as to the quality?

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FNM is Portugal. All their ammo was excellent, too bad they are gone.

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Lot 6 (not "June").

Yes, sadly in 2003 or about, the Socialist Portuguese Government Demolished the Factory of FNM at Moscavide, outside Lisbon. Reasons were the usual Socialist and UN garbage about curbing Small Arms Proliferation. They now get their ammo made by the more pragmatic Prvi Partizan of Serbia and the real FN of Belgium.

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