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49/56 webbing: magazine pouches?

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Can anyone tell me how the 49 or 49/56 magazine pouches were worn in the recent past ie 1975-79? Or at least what the infantrymen prefered as webbing set-up?

How many pouches were issued per rifleman (important!)? In fact, I'd like to know what the standard issue loadout per man many magazines, stripper clips, total ammo load?

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the rifleman was issued 2 pouches, with 2 pockets per pouch.
so, 4 mags/ 40 rounds, and 1 in the gun for a total of 5 mags.

if you like, i can get you a pair?
[email protected]


After Christmas, here, I'd like to invest in some pouches, four sounds good. I like a lot of mags handy.

I've been experimenting with a Swedish Mauser ammo belt, but that works like you might expect: wrong system. Same with the stripper clips for the Swede: many claim it works. I tried it with my 49/56: it most definitely does not! Again, wrong system.

I'll stay away from improvisation if I can and invest in some proper stripper clips, too.

Thanks, Ron!
i've got some stripper clips too!!!!!
if interested, of course?
Only 50 rounds? Granted it would all be a bit heavy. Does any one have a photo of what the set would look like!
Here is a photo of the mle 1945 leather fieldgear setup; presumable the en toile gear was worn the same way -- if not, we have experts here who will quickly set us straight!

as worn:

cartouchières en toile mle 1950-53

phto source:
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There are 3 "Models" of Web Mag Pouches.....and came in Tan Canvas as well as Green

Hundreds more MAS Photos at......

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