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Here's a few of the scope. It is stamped as a re furb, looks like 53 or 59 and the naked left side of the recv'r. I put the bolt next to the recv'r to show the fonts, you can really see that scratch for the number 6 in the bolt.
The weather has been bad so no range for a while. The scope was attached when I got to the shop, but it was loose.
I used DAWN to cut thru the cosmoline. Is there any kind of greasy crap that stuff can't get off?

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There is no 6 in that serial number. That is a letter, b. I can not tell much from most of those pictures. Are you using macro? Can you find any sign of a scope number on the left barrel shank? Where is the mount, its markings, etc.? Picture of the rear is useful also.

Scope is fine. Just a refurb of a 1943 factory 297 scope.
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